Cosmetics is an indispensable piece of excellence, extraordinarily for young ladies. We at Trésor Salon and Spa know the significance of it and subsequently acquire the best. What makes us diverse for the others is our capacity to comprehend what ladies need — to look and can rest easy. We know exceptionally well what chips away at models for the runways must be interpreted or taken care of business contrastingly for the ordinary lady – be it a housewife or office-goer.

Continually enhancing, our cosmetics beauticians goes past general patterns and systems to offer every one something one of a kind and extraordinary. Our aptitude in the field of cosmetics and excellence have been at the bleeding edge of making a portion of the finest looks in the mold business.

Trésor Salon and Spa causes you find different parts of your excellence. We can glitz you and in the meantime make you look the sharpest for formal occasion. We work to make you rich, provocative, excellent and detectable. We know how imperative your look is, subsequently we take each care to prep you till you resemble a million bucks. What’s more, keep in mind, we are the person who give you the photo consummate minute.

In order to live your life to the fullest every day, you need to feel beautiful. However, you want people to notice your face, not your makeup. So the best thing to go for is a light makeup, which reflects your true personality.

When we talk about light makeup, it means the makeup should not look like made up or loaded with foundation or products. Instead it should be so light and evenly spread across that it just reflects the natural glow and blush of the person wearing it.

As it has to be worn daily it should be just a dash of cosmetics that leaves you fell contented with a feathery feel. We at Trésor Salon help you get what you can be comfortable in your daily life.

The makeup isn’t complete without hairstyling and draping the attire of the occasion. We at Trésor Salon give the latest of the hairstyles, with our well-experienced and trained hair stylists providing you the trendiest look of the season. And we follow the culture of following the tradition of draping that makes you feel proud to carry what has been followed by the family.

India is a nation where each event is praised with euphoria and a sentiment fellowship. Be it the event of marriage, or a birthday party, festivity at home, or karva chauth, each event has a shading and delight of its own. So it is critical that the look you have taken mirrors the genuine nature of the individual event.

Extraordinary events like mehndi or sangeet before a wedding require a particular and one of a kind cosmetics ready to upgrade your excellence and stow away undesirable imperfections. With regards to cosmetics for unique events, you don’t simply require pros keeping in mind the end goal to acquire an immaculate, idealize look, you likewise need to take after a couple of straightforward tenets to get a faultless look.

We at Trésor Salon and Spa take uncommon care of the delight of placing hues in the appropriate sum at the opportune place with the choice of hues and surface that best communicates the occasion. An exquisite outfit needs an extraordinary cosmetics to look beautiful. So you ought to pick your cosmetics as indicated by your outfit.

Our authorities at Trésor Salon take you through a procedure where you initially choose what are you will wear and just the select the sort of cosmetics. Coordinating cosmetics and outfit doesn’t really implies an intriguing and incredible mix, rather, it is one which gives you a definitive look. Our beauticians give shimmering and astonishing cosmetics for the gathering of the lady of the hour and play with hues on the sangeet day saree hanging.