Casmara Facial

 A special range of ‘algae peel off masks’ based on plant extracts such as oats, wheat and soya. When the mask dries to a solid gel form, it can be easily peeled off in one go. It also gently cools the skin to give a visible reaffirming effect by contracting and relaxing the facial muscle.

Gold Facial

This is a clinical treatment and uses special methods of massage. The treatment encourages lympathic drainage and removal of toxins. The key ingredients are gold cream and gold gel containing 24carat gold, aloe Vera, wheat germ, oil and sandalwood. Recommended for those looking for improved blood circulation, skin elasticity or removal of age lines. O3+ and Lotus products are widely used in our salon for gold facial.

Other Facials

It includes facials of companies such as O3+, Lotus, Aroma magic, Ozone, Fruit facial.